California lawmakers: "Stand up for democracy!"


We are marching 480 miles, from Los Angeles to the State Capitol in Sacramento, to deliver a simple petition to our state's elected representatives.

Our demand is modest: publicly recognize the systemic corruption of our democracy and take immediate action to address it.

As a first step, we will demand that the California legislature take three urgent actions:

  1. Issue a formal call for a federal Constitutional Convention to propose an Amendment outlawing big money corruption by passing Assembly Joint Resolution 1 (AJR1).
  2. Give California's voters the chance to formally instruct the US Congress to propose such an Amendment and the California legislature to ratify it by passing Senate Bill 1272 (SB1272).
  3. Start reigning in unlimited, anonymous big money in elections by passing the DISCLOSE Act to require the top donors to be prominently revealed in every political ad they fund.

Voice your support for the fight in California -- and let everyone who will march and the leaders we will confront know that you stand for real democracy. Together, we'll make certain that lawmakers everywhere cannot ignore the nationwide groundswell of struggle for real democracy any longer. 

*This is a joint petition with California Clean Money Campaign and Money Out Voters In, each of whom may contact signers.

Who's signing

Petition Text

We demand that all members of the California legislature:

  1. Publicly acknowledge the systemic corruption of money-in-politics
  2. Take immediate action to end corruption by passing three urgent reform bills: AJR1, SB1272, and SB52.

Will you sign?

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